Just like big things happen in our lives: births, marriages, 40th birthday parties, big things happen in your business. 

As a producer on radio I was always looking for auspicious occasions in the life of the radio station, the shows, or presenters that we could use to create great content - and most importantly events for our listener's entertainment.  

Example's include celebrating the radio station's 30th year on air, one of the breakfast show host's milestone birthdays, or significant work anniversary - the launch of a new show.  On each of these occasions we would run content on air, on social media and in the press to make noise about it.  

But what if you're not a radio station? Can you still make noise about your business's significant event? 

You bet.   

Sit down and make a calendar of the important dates in the "life journey" of your business.  Here are some questions to help: 

  • What date did we open?
  • When did each of our staff members start working with us - do they have an upcoming anniversary?
  • How many products have we sold? How many clients have we worked with? How many customers have we served?  
  • Is anything exciting coming up? Any weddings? Babies? New Staff? New locations? New equipment? A merger? 
  • Are your customers experiencing any significant moments worth celebrating? Perhaps they have a great story about working with your business to share - imagine helping them to get it out there? 

Then decide how you'll tell your customers and business community about the news. 

Email, your website and social media are all easy ways to get the message out there - and the ways in which you choose to share your news are endless.  

You may decide to make and put out a Media Release. Think about the industry presses you already read, the local print & web publications, even TV & Radio you think might run your specific news.  Make a list of all the possibilities you can think of and gather all the contacts you'll need.    

Sure, there are no guarantees your news will get a run in the media - but your release will also serve as excellent content for your email, website and social media posts.  After all - it's not just the media who like to see a press release.  There'll be genuine interest from your clients, customers and community as well. So get your news out there when it happens. 

I've been making these terrific media releases lately using a Microsoft product called Sway.  Using it is so easy - it has literally changed my life! 

Check out the release I created recently for new Perth Real Estate Agency, Hub Residential.  (I was even able to use Sway to embed it here - all fancy ;)

I was pretty happy with it.  So were they.  And guess what?  It's generated actual publicity for their new brand!  After sending it to their local media contacts I encouraged my clients to share this Sway on their website and social media too.  Why wouldn't you? It looks so damn good! 

How do you choose to spread news about your business with the community? Let me know in the comments below.