Believe it or Not: I've Been Busy

Back in October, I began two full months of what the corporate world calls "Gardening Leave".  Which is essentially time you spend waiting for the terms of a contract you've signed with an employer to expire.  Or getting paid to do your gardening.  I didn't do any gardening.  But I have been busy.  So: sorry about the long time between blogs.   

Anyway, it was the end of October and I was doing two things: 1) having a holiday.  And 2) wondering what I was going to do with myself once my "Gardening Leave" had come to an end.  Back then, the latter translated to hitting the footpath, meeting contacts and putting my feelers out.  Which is a kind of long way to say: talking.  Talking with people who'd been there, bought the t-shirt before me. 

They all had advice, which I value so very much and thank those people for every single day.  But one piece of advice has really stuck.  A great friend and contact said, "Ask yourself what you will and won't do".  Pretty sure I already know those things, I thought to myself,  but she went on.  "Make an actual list.  It'll help you make decisions about which opportunities to take, and more importantly: those you won't".   She added that top of her list is that she won't work with "di&$heads".  I'm pretty sure she was joking.  

I went home and made the list right away, I've always been good at homework.  But it wasn't until the new year, that I actually stopped and thought about what that list meant.  At the time it had forced me to genuinely question what I liked most (and didn't like) about my work over the last 15+ years.  But in more recent weeks it's helped me make some pretty big decisions.   

Now, here's the part where I was going to share my list with you.  But to be honest, sharing on this occasion, just doesn't feel right. The list is mine, and a reflection of a person who has a completely different value-set to the young woman who stepped out of university 15 years ago on a mission to "read the news on a breakfast show".  (Did that, by the way BOOM)

Instead, I will share that my list is acting as my new filter. I run everything that comes my way through it. And as a person who's always suffered terribly from indecision, its making this whole process so much easier.   

Now, when I read a job add online, or if someone gives me a call, or an email saying - hey, I was just wondering if you'd be interested in doing this thing??  I use my list.  I use it carefully to filter out the things, that while beautiful and exciting in their own right, don't serve the person I am: right here, right now.

Recently, my list has helped me decide that I won't be applying for a bunch of full time jobs anymore.  To those of you who've been asking - that doesn't mean I don't want to appear on radio or TV anymore. I do.  But the format of being tied to a nine-to-five (of 430-midday) has lost it's shine with me.  For now. 

My list has also helped me decide to go out on my own.  In a little business to help others create meaningful content for their brand. There's still some work to be done on just what shape that business will take in the future, but for now, it's up and running.  Get in touch if you think I can help with what you do ;) 

I'm also committed to doing more stuff that's just fun.  Which is why I've launched "Perthling".  It's a group on Facebook that I encourage you to join, and an account on Instagram I'd love for you to follow.  You can contribute to either by sharing photos, articles and more using the hashtag #Perthling on either platform. 

Go check it out, or better yet, send me an email.  I do love a chat.