It amazes me that in my near-30 year career of obsessing over musicals, that last night was the first time I'd seen Mama Mia on stage.

This is the one affectionately referred to by fans as "the ABBA Musical" (or the movie musical that Pierce Brosnan would rather forget).  But the super-group's own Beni & Bjorn didn't write the story of the band, instead this fun-fest is set in the Greek Islands and surprisingly perfectly: is populated only with songs recorded & released by ABBA.

I'd always thought the songs might sound a little cheesey jammed in between chunks of story line, and for a little while in the opening scenes they do, but hey, this is Australia - the country that single-handedley launched ABBA into legend status - we can forgive a cheesy sing-a-long or two!

The amazing thing is that a short time later, and thanks to some stunning performances from the central cast, you find yourself marveling at how these songs are actually more perfect as part of this story than they were before.

This is a level 5 get the girls, your mum, her sister and the neighbour who really needs to get out more reason to come to the theater people. Don't miss Mama Mia this time around. Crown Perth, now until 1st July. Buy Tickets

Oh, and to encourage a mini dance party, Here's 5 of my favourite ABBA hits from the show, I hope it gives you a little preview of the *feels* you'll get as you see the show on stage. You may also notice that, controversially, I've left title track, Mamma Mia off the list!  Oooo errrr! 

1.  Super Trooper

You'll notice audience members stomping their feet in time to this one, and that's because this song was amazeballs before amazeballs was even a word.   

2. Thank You for the Music 

This one's for you, Beni & Bjorn.   

2.  Slipping Through My Fingers

If you've been part of a mother-daughter relationship of any kind, just try getting through this song without have a quite boo-hoo.    

3. Does Your Mother Know? 

For all the gal's who've flirted with a younger man at a wedding.. or anywhere really. 

4. The Winner Takes it All.   

Argh, Donna's sweet agony!!! 

5.  Honey Honey 

Mainly for the story additions you get in the musical versio, but it's also a peppy way to sign off.   Vi ses!  (That's bye for now, in Swedish) x C