Go Shorty, it's Your Birthday



It’s my birthday. So I’m exercising my right to be a tad reflective.  

I chose today to take a time out from all the career and business-related work I’ve been doing behind the scenes of late.  If you’ve ever had to start afresh before you know it’s sometimes even busier than working full time.  And I’ve been hard at it.  That’s how I roll, I’m determined and stuff.  

But spending today away from the networking and contract-seeking gave me a good chance to stop and take in just how different life looks at 37 to what it did back at 36!

Man has my life seen some change of late.  

But birthdays also remind you of the other things in life.  Things that for the most part, stay wonderfully the same.  

My husband & family whom I met for breakfast bright and early this morning.  Mostly the same.  One who cancelled work, one who delayed meetings, one who prepared gifts & cards just like always, and one who suffered through the beyond uncomfortable side-effects to radiation treatment just to be there with me first thing: because that’s something we hadn’t been able to do at that time of the day in more than 15 years!

Then there are the friends. Who’s messages of “HB CB!” and “Have a Great Day” continue to show up on my Facebook timeline even as I type this post.  The ones who’ve taken time from their own days to send a “thinking of you” from near & far, and the precious phone calls that we all wish we had time to make more often.  

Talking to my friends on these occasions always reminds me of this one fact (stand by if you’re waiting for profound)…  everybody’s got their own “stuff”!  So.. if at times, your “stuff” is getting the better of you, and you’ve found yourself wallowing in that “stuff” just a little too low: remember not, that someone out there has “worse stuff” than you.  But instead that we’ve ALL got stuff.  And in that simple way, you’re not alone. 

I’m off to focus not on my stuff, but on all the wonderful things, that tonight, just like on 36 birthdays before this one, are for the most part, the same.