There’s still time to register for the Chevron City to Surf for Activ!

Yes, I know Perth’s City to Surf is this Sunday, but I have received inside info that you’ll still be able to be a part of it if you log on now.  How do I know this?  I work on the radio: benefits.   

Before I lose you because, like me, you’re not a runner; take a look at number 1 on this short list of reasons why you should join me at the City to Surf on Sunday:

  1. You can walk.  Registrations are still open for the 4 or 12km distances and you can run or walk either. I did a mixture of running and walking to knock over the 12km in a leisurely 2 hours with a friend a couple of years ago and it was heaps of fun. 
  2. The 4km course is 100% atmosphere.  If you and the kids just want to have a little bit of morning fun, come with me on the 4km course.  You can bring prams and strollers, plus there’ll be fun entertainment along the way so you can all take a break.  Look out for giveaways from the 96fm Street Team and if you see me, come say hi! (I’ll be the one on stage at the starting line with Wildcat Damian Martin ;) ) .
  3. Have you seen the weather forecast?  At this stage, it’s going to be a stunning 23 degrees and mostly sunny – the first decent Sunday we’re had in forever.  As much as I’m loving Ozark at the moment there’s no way I’ll be losing the day to Netflix.
  4. You won’t have to run through a stuffy tunnel, or finish at a venue that stinks of horses.  Let’s face it: the other big run in town raises good cash for countless charities and it’s super fun, but there are a couple of obvious down sides.  The City to Surf course is beautiful – especially if you’re walking the 4km like me. You’ll start in leafy Floreat then meander downhill to the finish line at City Beach, enjoying a view of the Indian Ocean pretty much the whole way. 
  5. You can reward yourself afterwards.  The City to Surf course will burn some fuel no matter which course you choose to do.  Last time I did the 12km, my mates and I went straight out to celebrate.  Let’s just say a Chicken Parma never tasted so good. 
  6. Free Fro Yo.  You read that right, at the City Beach finish line 96fm and Pash Frozen Yoghurt will be rewarding participants with freebies! ‘nuff said.
  7. It’s for an incredibly worthy cause.  Further reason to enjoy your post-walk rewards.  Learn more about the great work done the Activ foundation here.

Have I convinced you?  Register now at the City to Surf website And I’ll see you there!