A story that people seem to mention to me all the time, is one I shared on radio and later with about the night I regrettably turned into an Ugly Stepmother.  I thought I'd share the link again here, not just so more people can have a read, but also because it's from a moment in time that continues to teach me so much about being a parent - no matter what shape that role takes.  

I first "stepped" in to my stepson's life when he was 8 years old.  Back then the way I responded to dating a "man who has a kid" was so much more about me than him.  The impact this boy might have on my new relationship, how often he would be with us, how often he would not be with us, things like that.  But the night I describe here, was a turning point.  I realised that as is the case for any parent, my needs would need to take a back seat at times.  That was the day I really started to see more of life from his point of view.  

My stepson is growing and growing, facing all the challenges of a teenage boy.  I'm stupid proud of his mad sporting skills and above average academic record, and beyond excited to be there for him as as he moves into adulthood.  Now as I enjoy some time at home, I'm thrilled to do all the little things it takes to make a teen feel safe, happy and loved, and as I learned that night remembering to tell him so.