Welcome back, Weekends

I've come to consider October in Australia a rare, beautiful time of the year.  The sun is making a welcome return, and spring's beautiful wildflowers dot the landscape, but that's not why.  It's because, for a short, precious while, all the sport has come to an end.  

Well the majority of the sport anyway, I'm well-aware of the on-going V8 Supercar Series, but if you're prepared to overlook that for a second, read on.   

The AFL & NRL grannies have each been run and won.  Tigers’ fans may still be disrupting traffic flow on Swan St, and pollies rumbling on about Macklemore performing Same Love (seriously?) but for the rest of us, the dust has settled.   And the dads, husbands, boyfriends and partners are peeling themselves off the couch for the first time in months.  

Kids sport is taking a break too.  It's changeover time.  Those playing Netball and Footy are busy trying to decide which summer sport they want to play, "are you sure you want to do Cricket again?" And parents are enjoying a return to weekend sleep-ins.   

This isn't a sport bashing.  I, like loads of other women, love watching the local sporting team as much as most guys.  I enjoy watching my stepson play even more so. But this is a very special time of the year.  October is when we finally get our social lives back.

I might be generalising, but in my case it's certainly true.  October's when I finally get some one-on-one time with my husband.  

All winter it's been sport on a Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday morning.  Training a couple of nights a week.  That’s just the sports my stepson plays.   

There’s also footy, of multiple codes, on the tele every night and day of the weekend. Sometimes week-night's too.  

There's been the US Open, Swimming Championships, and the Tour de France.  All I can say is thank Jeebus it's not an Olympic year, because that would have just about tipped me over the edge.   

But now's the time when we can all hit PAUSE.  Get your favourite outfit ready ladies because you're going out!  Pick a night, (like it ain't no thang), Friday or Saturday night dinner.

Maybe you've got a list of jobs for the house.  You and the hubs can finally get a start on them. Then on Sunday morning, you're going out for Breakfast!  

Breakfast, along with brunches, lunches and high-teas are now in your future.  Because the things that have been in your way all winter long, are on a much-needed hiatus. 

And I for one, am more than happy to say, “see-ya” for now.