It amazes me that in my near-30 year career of obsessing over musicals, that last night was the first time I'd seen Mama Mia on stage.

This is the one affectionately referred to by fans as "the ABBA Musical" (or the movie musical that Pierce Brosnan would rather forget). But the super-group's own Beni & Bjorn didn't write the story of the band, instead this fun-fest is set in the Greek Islands and surprisingly perfectly: is populated only with songs recorded & released by ABBA.

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What Can Podcasts Learn from Commercial Radio

I was recently asked to appear as a guest on Matt Hanham's podcast "Amplify Your Business". 

Amplify your Business is a great series about making use of Digital Media to grow your business online - and in real life for that matter!  

I met with Matt and we both agreed there's a conversation to be had not just about what people like me from a "traditional" media background can bring to digital broadcasters, but also the reverse. 

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